Defines different styles for progress bars.


The progress bar consists of a background bar and the progress bar itself, indicating the increase.

Class Description
.uk-progress This class is used on the parent container to create the background of the progress bar.
.uk-progress-bar This class needs to be added to the child element to create the actual progress bar.




<div class="uk-progress">
    <div class="uk-progress-bar" style="width: 40%;">40%</div>

Size modifiers

Add the .uk-progress-mini or .uk-progress-small class to change the size of the bar.



<div class="uk-progress uk-progress-mini">...</div>
<div class="uk-progress uk-progress-small">...</div>

Color modifiers

To apply different colors to your progress bars, just add the .uk-progress-success, .uk-progress-warning or .uk-progress-danger class.



<div class="uk-progress uk-progress-success">...</div>
<div class="uk-progress uk-progress-warning">...</div>
<div class="uk-progress uk-progress-danger">...</div>


To create a striped progress bar, use the .striped class.



<div class="uk-progress uk-progress-striped">...</div>

You can even animate the striped bar. To do so, just add the .uk-active class.



<div class="uk-progress uk-progress-striped uk-active">...</div>


All modifiers of the Progress component can be combined with each other.



<div class="uk-progress uk-progress-small uk-progress-danger uk-progress-striped uk-active">...</div>


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